The Alvonian Wehrmacht is a faction seen in the 589 storyline. They are the military force of Alvonia and employ a variety of deadly weapons, from the AWS Longshot to the Badger A1 armored car.

Operations and TrainingEdit

The Wehrmacht operate with fully mechanized troops, making their military one of the deadliest forces in the world. In the 1994 invasion of Libya, dubbed Operation Fall Afrikaans, they created their special desert division, dubbed the Afrika Korps. Their invasion is considered by Alvonian officials a success and the Afrika Korps went on to serve as a permenant military force for Alvonian Africa. On the opposite end of the spectrum, the 1984 invasion of Albania, Operation Strike, was a complete failure. As a result, Alvonia was forced to sign a non-aggression pact with Albania in 1986 and Libya in 1999.

Wehrmacht troops are trained for about two months, serving in 3-year drafts as required by law. Soldiers are trained to load and fire a variety of weapons, ranging from standard AWS equipment to enemy weapons.The standard Wehrmacht uniform is a German "Flecktarn"-pattern BDU, with similar helmet and body armor.

Schwarzes Korps/Corpo neroEdit

The Schwarzes Korps/Corpo nero (German/Italian: Black Corps) are an elite branch of the Wehrmacht. These are the best trained, most devoted and best shots of the entire Wehrmacht. Formed of only Germans and Italians, they act as the Director's personal bodyguard and as a special operations unit. They are trained to accept nothing less than full victory. The standard Black Corps uniform is similar to the Wehrmacht's uniform, only it is completely black and substitutes standard combat gloves for fingerless "sniper gloves".


Alvonian Wehrmacht units typically operate with one tank, two Badger A1 armored cars and several armored transport vehicles. Occasionally, 150mm artillery pieces accompany them in battle, as well as armed helicopters and a huge air force. Small arms range from the Vulcan mounted on armored vehicles and hand-transported to the Longstrike CS-6, the main battle rifle of the Wehrmacht.


  • Fünf acht neun geseichtet! (589 spotted!)
  • Verzicht oder sterben! (Surrender or die!)
  • Eccoli! Con il camion! (There they are! By the truck!)
  • Granate/Grenata! (Grenade!)
  • Cecchini! Al riparo!/Scharfschütze! Gehen Sie in Deckung! (Sniper(s)! Take cover!)