Blake "Flip" McCoy
"Flip' McCoy
Nickname(s) Blake, Flip, McCoy, pilot, our ride out of here
Rank Airman First Class
Affiliations Task Force 589, United States Air Force, CIA
Birth Unknown
Weapon M9

Blake "Flip" McCoy is a character in quite a few the Task Force 589 missions. He helped out the Task Force when they needed a ride out of a mission. He was used if an Echo Class gunship could not be sent.


"Flip" McCoy is the name of a United States Air Force pilot. He was trained as a rescue pilot because of his skill of manuvering his aircraft into tight situations, even under fire. When the 589 world crisis started, he was selected and put into action by the U.S. government.


McCoy was featured in Operation Cold Shoulder, Operation Airwolf, Operation Blackout, Operation Burn Notice and Operation Ultimatum.


McCoy has a deep respect for the Task Force 589. He is especially friends with Ace and Ghost, considering that he has worked on missions with them before He was even rescued as a POW by them on one occation.


  • "Hey, why don't you try to get the situation under control BEFORE I get there, alright?"
  • "Well, I see you do not have situation under control....although on the other hand, I didn't really expect it to be..."
  • "Heh, well, good to see you in one piece."