• Multiple dropping of magazines.
  • Sweetwater: Ooo, what's this do?

Sweetwater begins flipping a switch on his Longstrike until it breaks off.

Sweetwater: Uh-oh...

He slams it back into place

Sweetwater: That should fix it...

  • Sweetwater grabs an M1911 before a large firefight between Militia and the 589. He attempts to cock it but fails.

Sweetwater: Come on ya! YES!

He finally cocks it and waves it around, seeing all Militia members dead.

Sweetwater: Oh...

Chainer: Maybe next time Sweets...

  • Enemy Guard (Wilding): Stop where you are! That is an order!

Dunn shoots the guard. He goes down, but then sits back up.

Enemy Guard (Wilding): Did I just land in-Yes, yes I did.

Boss (General Quilix): What?

Wilding (Out of character): I just landed in a pile of cat yack {AKA: Cat Vomit} [P.S. Don't worry. It was dry.]

Ace: Right! We should use this-

Drops C4*

Ace (Alex Martin Rider out of character): Crap.....I guess we're dead now....oh well. So much for the novel, best ending in the world, eh? Ace drops the C4 and it explodes?

Chipmunk shoots Rojas*

Ghost: No. We capture him first.


All facepalm*

Chainer: Hold this down three seconds and it'll blow anything across the galaxy.

Sweetwater: Why three seconds?

Ace: Because four seconds would just be ridiculous...