The Brazilian Militia is one of the enemies of Task Force 589. They reside in Rio De Janeiro where they come into conflict with Task Force 589. Their faction symbol is a blood-red hand print. Rather than a real, official militia, they are little more than a criminal gang, albeit a very large and well armed one, sporting a colorful mix of civilian garb and military hardware.

Unlike common gangs, the Brazilian Militia is very well armed and numbers in the hundreds. It is likely that they comprise the entire gangster population of Rio. Though not the most efficient soldiers, they are sufficiently well-equipped and well-led to prove a very serious threat to Task Force 589, using their numbers and their knowledge of the terrain to their advantage. Some think Alejandro Rojas, their main supplier, struck a deal of some sort with them, since they protect him when he is hunted down by the Task Force 589, or they may have thought that Task Force 589 is there for the simple mission of killing them.

Some mistake them to be allied with Vladimir Makarov and the Russian Ultranationalists, though that it is unlikely. Their only connection to them is through Rojas, who supplied Makarov the weapons for the terrorist attack in Russia. They use weapons built locally in Brazil, such as the FAL, and Russian weaponry such as the AK-47. They also use attack dogs. In battle they are deceptively formidable tacticians, and will frequently attempt to ambush or flank the Task Force. But also at the same time, they blind fire frequently and run straight through fire to their deaths.

Weapons Edit

  • AK-47
  • FAL