The Charger attacking

"Hey, what's that coming through the door? It looks like a bee stung it's arm!"

41px|left- Charger sounds

The Charger is an Infected mutation. He appears as an apparent farmer with an overly mutated arm, with the other shriveled up. He acts as a scatter Infected, designed to spread the Survivors from each other. When attacking he makes a squealing noise, similar to a bull. When idle, however, he says gibberish.

Extent of MutationsEdit

The Charger's arm has grown to nearly three times it's original size, leaving it's other arm shriveled up and useless. The leg opposite of it's mutated arm usually grows in size as well to handle the weight of the arm and to balance itself. Possibly due to his choice of attack, his head appears smashed or caved in. Also, his large arm is severely burned and rocky, possibly due to other Survivor attacks.