PFC "Chipmunk"
Nickname(s) Chipmunk
Rank Private First Class
Affiliations U.S. Marnine Corps, Task Force 589
Birth unknown
Weapon Modified Recon CS-6, custom Maverick


Chipmunk is a cut character once seen in Operation Takedown and Operation Hercules. He is a veteran of many battles and is an accomplished marksman.


Not much is known about his past, other than that he was born on the front lines.


Chipmunk proved to be incredibly helpful in Task Force 589; when he first joined, Chainer called him the "competent new guy", although "competent" is an understatement. He took out a tank with a thermal detonator in Takedown and neutralized scores of Militia throughout Takedown and Hercules.


Chipmunk tends to be the joker of the squad, cracking jokes when appropiate and adding humor to an otherwise downcast situation.

He also calls Ace "Pretty Boy", much to the irritation of the Captain.



  • "Well! THAT wasn't very NICE!"
  • (Ace: I think we found the weapons)"Ya think Pretty Boy?"
  • "One shot, one kill."
  • (Sweetwater: This is freaking me out, man. All the dark and crap.) Area clear. And Sweets, if there was crap down here, I think we would smell it.
  • Hold on! I think they’ve spotted us. (A shot hits a tree near Chipmunk’s head) Yep! They’ve spotted us!
  • (Sweetwater: What? It's not like it's real.) (Chainer: Oh, really?) (Chainer attatches a tibbana gas cartridge from the workbench and fires three shots in quick succession) (Sweetwater: ...Oh.) Good thing that wasn't in when Sweets picked it up!
  • (Upon finding an e-mail from Agent Smith) (Chainer: A.S...what could that stand for?) "Add Salt', "Apple Sauce", "Angry Snake", "Ancient Sushi"-
  • (After blowing up a tank with a thermal detonator) (Chainer: Nice work. You didn't need to do that, though. Just tossing it under the tank would have been sufficient, and there wouldn't have been so much shrapnel.) Well, now you tell me!
  • (Chainer: How about you, Chipmunk? You want some armor?) No thanks. It’ll slow me down. Make me an easy target. (Chainer: Hey, it’s one thing for them to see you coming; it’s another thing entirely for them to do anything about it.) You shouldn’t be able to see a sniper at all. It kind of defeats the purpose. (Chainer: Good point.)