Dr. Erik Köhlerschmidt
Biographical information
BirthplaceBerlin, Germany
Birth dateUnknown
Death dateAlive
Physical description
Hair colorBrown/Graying
Eye colorBrown
Affiliation and military information
AffiliationZombie Resistance, C.E.D.A.
BattlesSee zombies
WeaponsG3, Walther P5, Bonesaw

Dr. Erik Köhlerschmidt is a character seen in Zombies. He is a sociopathic former C.E.D.A. agent who studied the Infection before meeting the others.

Former LifeEdit

It's implied through some of Köhlerschmidt's quotes that he worked for C.E.D.A., though to what extent is unknown. He also appears to have either created or helped create the disease that now is spread throughout the planet, having an almost encyclopedia-like knowledge of the infection and it's mutations.

Dr. Erik Köhlerschmidt, or simply Köhlerschmidt, was a German scientist, and a rather successful one before the German medical community denounced his inhumane medical experiments. A schizophrenic sociopath, Köhlerschmidt fits the stereotype of maniacal doctors performing insane experiments deep in the woods. To him, death is death, regardless of the victim's demise, be it natural or by a human's hand.



  • "All of you, turn your flashlights off. I hear a Vitch. (Tyler: What did you just call me?)"
  • "And he is no longer with us."
  • "He can't fight now...he's been dis-ARMED! AHAHAHAHAAHAHAH!"
  • "Zey vill be all over ze walls! And ze ceiling! And ze floors!"
  • (After being hit by friendly fire) "Is zere a doctar in ze house? ...NO, ANOZZER DOCTOR!"
  • (After Keith apologizes to someone else for friendly fire) "Vere you aiming for somezing else??!"
  • (After killing a zombie that tried to hit him) "Ze Doktar likes it rough but not ZAT rough!"
  • "(Being swarmed) "No! I'm not ready for Hell! I don't even have my good shoes!"
  • "Keith, I hate you. I hate your ugly voice."