Echo Corps
Echo Corps Emblem
Nickname(s) Echo, Death from Above
Affiliations Task Force 589
Birth Unknown

The Echo Corps play a fairly large role in the Task Force 589 story. Boss and Chainer are both members of the group and talk about it regularly. At one point, Ace went to the Defiant, The headquarters for the Echo Corps.


Though not much is known about the Echo Corps, there are some notable members.




Role: Commander

Favored weapons: Shockwave ECS-60, Vulcan EBF-25, Deploy CS-6, Maverick, Twin DC-17 Blaster Pistols, DC-17M Blaster System

Bio: One of the few surviving Clones from the Omega Squad Project; Dax single-handedly saved the remaining members of the squad after its leader and seven others were killed in an ambush on Jabiim. After Omega was disbanded, Dax was given command of Echo Squad, the most undisciplined squad in the entire Clone Army. Since then, he has managed to gain the respect of the squad; however, he has yet to gain control of the mischief the squad creates when not on an assignment.




Role: Second-in-command

Favored weapons: DC-15A

Bio: Another former member of Omega Squad, Nyle was first to suspect an ambush ahead of the squad, and was first to react once the shooting started. Nyle was the voice of reason that allowed Dax to maintain his sanity during Echo’s first missions. Even an inch from death, Nyle always remains calm and composed.




Role: Combat Engineer

Favored weapons: DC-15S

Bio: Incredibly intelligent, Bek is the main reason Echo Squad’s pranks and missions are so successful. Able to improvise weapons and equipment in the field using any objects available, Bek is often teased that he “could make a signal flare out of a vase of flowers”. Though a good shot with a DC-15, Bek would rather be augmenting Echo Squad’s equipment in his quarters than blasting enemies on a hostile ship.




Role: Shock Trooper

Favored weapons: Vulcan EBF-25, Z-6 Rotary Cannon

Bio: Stubborn and overconfident, Chainer is always at the heart of trouble, in battle or at base. Before Dax came, Chainer unofficially led the squad in all their mischief. When Dax did arrive, Chainer immediately challenged his authority, and received a shattering blow to his ego for his trouble. Despite their early conflict, Chainer now respects Dax immensely, and has earned his respect as well.




Role: Shock Trooper

Favored weapons: Shoulder-Mounted E-Web Heavy Repeating Laser Cannon

Bio: Ajax is the muscle of Echo Squad. His chosen weapon demonstrates that strength, being the only one strong enough to even lift the gun. A gentle giant, Ajax is willing to hold a blast door open while his teammates run through or punch his way through a ferrocrete wall just to allow his teammates a clear escape route.




Role: Shock Trooper

Favored weapons: Echo-class Reciprocating Quad Blaster

Bio: Like the “iron monsters” that clear the way for the infantry, Tank clears the way for Echo in tough situations. Strong and aggressively loyal, Tank is always willing to risk his life for the good of the universe.




Role: Demolitions Specialist

Favored weapons: DC-17M Commando Rifle System

Bio: Also known as the “Doorman”, Hakiro knows the fastest way to disarm every kind of explosive in the known universe. He has also invented several new kinds of bombs, such as the Micro Thermal Detonator and the “Door-Maker”-class Detpack. Slow to anger and calm under pressure, Hakiro knows the lives of his comrades and many others may rest in his hands.




Role: Scout/Skirmisher (Woodland)

Favored weapons: DC-15A

Bio: Specializing in combat and unseen movement in heavy forests, thick jungles and dense marshes, Nike feels out of place on worlds like Coruscant, Ord Mantel, and even Kamino. Nike shares a very close bond with nature, which sometimes causes conflicts with Ty. Warm and compassionate, Nike values all life, regardless of its size.




Role: Scout/Skirmisher (Urban)

Favored weapons: DC-17M Commando Rifle System

Bio: More at home in crowded city streets than any other member of the squad, Ty finds Nike’s dislike of cities disturbing. Able to sneak through the smallest, darkest alleyways with ease, Ty spends most of his free time out in whatever city he happens to be in.




Role: Scout/Skirmisher (Mountain/Subterranean)

Favored weapons: DC-15A

Bio: Ryo is the “bridge” between the conflicting personalities of Nike and Ty, comfortable in both dark and crowded spaces and in open, endless vistas. He tries to look at the bright side of the situation.




Role: Field Medic

Favored weapons: DC-15S

Bio: Quiet and reserved, Basil keeps calm and controlled regardless of the pressure he’s under.




Role: Sniper

Favored weapons: DC-15X Particle Beam Rifle

Bio: Like a trapdoor spider waiting for its next meal to pass by, Gox is willing to wait for hours for his target to walk by. Silent, grim, and detached, Gox puts almost everyone he meets on edge. He will rarely speak at all on his own, and he keeps answers brief and to the point when asked questions.




Role: Anti-Tank Trooper

Favored weapons: Concussion Missile Launcher

Bio: Grim and cynical, Grekko will always look towards the darker side of a situation. One of Chainer’s closest friends back on Kamino, Grekko became rather distanced from his friend and brother ever since Chainer attacked him in order to spare Kaida. Since then, they have mostly reconciled these differences, though there is still some tension between the two of them on the matter of Kaida.




Role: Pilot

Favored weapons: DC-15S

Bio: An ace pilot, Hawk is sharp and very observant of his surroundings and of situations. Like his twin, Tanner, he is not easily disoriented or confused. Possibly because the two of them shared the same growth tube, they share many of the same personality quirks.




Role: Pilot

Favored weapons: DC-15S

Bio: Tanner is much like his “twin”, sharing so many personality quirks that it can be very difficult to determine which one is which when they are wearing helmets.