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First Discussion of Events
Task Force 589
Day 4

The First Discussion of Events took place in an LAAT/i Gunship on its way to Rojas's hideout in Rio de Janero.


Having received the coordinates of Rojas's hideout from the Defiant, Task Force 589 is about to be on their way when they are contacted by Command and told that they are all being diverted from Brazil to Eastern Ukraine to recover the intel gathered by recon agents stationed there. Chainer thinks something is going on with Command. He notes Command's suspicious behavior in the last two ops, and the fact that both times that a chopper arrived, it was shot down by an AWS Titan AS-v.1 Missile. From there, he notes that AWS is in an exclusive contract with Command, and it's unlikely the missiles were stolen. Ghost agrees but also mentions they don't have many options, and it's too risky to send someone in alone. This problem is solved when Boss shows up in another gunship, fully healed and ready for a mission. They decide to send Boss and Ghost to Eastern Ukraine in the first gunship while the rest of the team goes to finish off Rojas. Once the team has finished in Brazil, they will join Boss and Ghost in Eastern Ukraine to help them out.


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