Highlander is a cut character in the Task Force 589. He is also one of Scout's former RED teammates. He serves as the main demoman.

Andrew "Highlander" O'Donnell
Biographical information
BirthplaceEdinburgh, Scotland
Birth dateDecember 1st, 1987
Death dateAlive
Physical description
Weight195 pounds
Hair color???
Eye colorBrown
Affiliation and military information
AffiliationBritish Army, Task Force 589
SpecialtyRapid Deconstruction
BattlesSee missions


Andrew "Highlander" O'Donnell once served in the British Army, in a Scottish unit, no less. To think this man once had a family who he needed to support and care for is absurd to anyone who knows him now, but to those who knew him before 2017, they know him as a jovial, almost carefree man. His unit served during the Communist-LDN war, in Saudi Arabia. Not wanting his last moments with his family to be one of him leaving on a boat, he requested that his family live with him on the barracks in Israel. Unfortunately, this had unforeseen consequences. During the Saudi Arabian attack on Israel, the barracks was completely annihilated by missile fire, killing his wife and seventeen year-old son. To this day, he blames himself for their deaths and uses alcohol to ease the pain.


Highlander is nearly always drunk, spouting complete nonsense. When not drunk (a rare occasion) Highlander spouts complete nonsense in his thick Scottish accent and enjoys deconstruction, usually if it's his doing. He makes no mention of his previous life, to Scout or anyone.



  • "Hey you...with the face...come ov'r 'ere...I'm gonna take down to th' pain train train station in train town...ha ha..."
  • "(gibberish) ...the BOTH of ya... (more gibberish)"
  • "Iluvevery, single.... one of you...(looking at Sweetwater) Not you."
  • "I'M DRUNK! YOU don't HAVE an excuoose!"


  • "(said to a fleeing Russian) "I hope I didn't scare ya with my face-to-face MAN fightin'!"
  • "Oh, they're gonna have ta glue you back tagether!"
  • Ya call that fightin?! I know worms that kin fight better n' you!!"
  • (singing) "Well the boys o' Liverpool, when we landed safely called meself a fool, Ah could no longer stand it. Blood began ta boil, temper I was losin', Poor ol' Erin's Isle they began abusin', Hurrah me soul says I, me shillelagh Ah let fly. Some galway boys were nigh and saw I was a hobble in. With a load Hurray! joined in da fray. We quickly cleared th' way fer the rocky road t' Dublin!"