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Operation Danger Close
Operation Airwolf
Task Force 589
Ghost, Boss, Ace, Chipmunk
Task Force 589
Recon CS-6, Vulcan EBF-25, Longstrike CS-6, Longshot MOD
Outside Moscow, Russia
Day 7
Observe the Opfor-Ultranationalist deal then intercept Zakhaev.

Operation Airwolf is the fifth mission conducted by Task Force 589. It includes Ace, Ghost, Boss and Chipmunk. Ace serves as the team leader.

Starting the OpEdit

The main objective in this mission is to intercept an arms-deal involving Victor Zakhaev (Imran Zakhaev's son). It starts out with Task Force 589 getting ready for their mission, mainly with Boss attempting to find his perfect loadout. After a short discussion and testing the radios, they set off, with Chipmunk and Ghost staking out the deal site, hidden by a treeline. Boss and Ace are in the garage awaiting for Ghost's signal. After about a two minute sprint, Ghost and Chipmunk settle into a sniping position.


After a few minutes of watching the deal, Ghost informs Ace of a possible problem: he believes Zakhaev's bodyguard has spotted him and Chipmunk. His suspicion is confirmed as Zakhaev's bodyguard, the Ultranationalists and the OpFor begin shooting at Ghost and Chipmunk. Ace and Boss rush out of the garage to join in the firefight and after eliminating enemy personnel, they begin the chase for Zakhaev. Boss shoots and kills his bodyguard as an Ultranatinoalist tank rolls through the area. Zakhaev attempts to lose the 589 by cutting around a house, but Ghost, Ace, Chipmunk and Boss are already on their way to intercept him. Ace orders Chipmunk to disarm Victor, but instead he puts a 1911 to his head. Boss reacts and shoots the pistol out of Victor's hand and they quickly take him into custody and back to the temporary HQ/Armory.


Ace and Boss begin interrogating Victor, as Ghost and Chipmunk patrol the area. Victor reveals he knows of the DC-15A and that he only knows of Smith through his father, but refuses to say how Imran knows Smith. After some shocks, Victor finally begins to crack and begins to tell how Imran knows Smith. Before he can, though, he is killed by a small explosive charge to the back of the head, remote detonated by Smith, no doubt.



Weapon LoadoutsEdit


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