Ace: Let's clear these rooms.

Ghost: Got it.

Ghost clears the first room

Ghost: Clear.

Ace: Second room's clear. Keep an eye on the roads.

Ghost: Roger.

Ace and Ghost watch the roads for a while

Ghost: Remind me again why we're out here, with no backup, sloppy intel, on a suicide mission and completely out of our minds?!

Ace: Command wants intel on Zakhaev. We're getting it.

Ghost: Movement on the road. Guy in a suit. Looks civilian.

Ace: He's going up to an Ultranationalist officer.

Ghost: Probably spewing crap and kissin' his feet.

Ace: He's got a gun!

The civilian shoots the officer

Ghost: What in the world was that?!

Ace: Did you see that?! He had a Maverick!

Ghost: Did you see that? He's gone now!

Ace: That's impossible, we turned our backs for two seconds.

Ghost: Well, somebody's got something to hide.

Ace: Keep watch here. I'm going to see if I can't find our mystery man.

Ghost keeps watching as Ace goes off to another part of the base. Smith sneaks up behind Ghost and knocks him out. He then sneaks up behind Ace and cocks his Maverick behind his head.

Smith: Hello Ace. Surprised to see me?

Ace: How'd you get in?

Smith: Your buddy Ghost isn't very aware of his surroundings, is he? Doesn't matter now, drop the gun.

Ace does so

Smith: Good, now we're gonna take a little road trip.

After a few hours

Ghost: Ah...what was that?

Dunn: Sir? Sir, are you alright?

Ghost: Who in the world are you?

Dunn: Private Dunn sir, U.S. Marines. I was called here by Command.

Ghost: Great, a newbie. Wait, what's this?

Ghost picks up the note Smith left.

Ghost: Crap. I'll call Nikolai to get us out of here.

Dunn: Nikolai sir? Command said they'd be sending us a chopper...

Ghost: Forget about them. Nikoali?

Nikoali: Da, my friend?

Ghost: You know the drill. Coordinates should be comnig to ya now.

Nikolai: I'll be there shortly my friend.

Dunn: We've got a problem. Russian tan kat 12 o' clock.

Ghost: Perfect. Just waht we need. Take this RPG and take it out. I'll snipe anyone nearby.

After several minutes of fighting.

Ghost: Nikolai's here, let's go!

Nikolai: Ghost, where is Ace, and who is your new friend?

Ghost: I'll explain later, just go!