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Operation Inferno
Ghost, about to shock the living daylights out of Faust.
Task Force 589
Ghost, Chainer, Ace, Chipmunk, Sweetwater
Task Force 589
Recon CS-6, Vulcan EBF-25, Longstrike CS-6
Rio de Janero, Brazil
Day 2
Find Faust and obtain the Intel on the location of Alejandro Rojas's storage bunker
Brazilian Militia

Operation Inferno is the second mission conducted by Task Force 589, with Ghost and Chainer infiltrating the Favela to find Rojas' assistant, Faust. Ghost acts as the squad leader.

Brazillians moving in after Faust is killed.


Ghost arrives several hours earlier to set up a temporary HQ, later having other 589 members bring in guns and attachments. Chainer arrives and Ghost quickly explains the aspects of several weapons. After the lesson, they set out, Ghost taking point and Chainer providing cover from the rear. Facing little resistance, a permenant HQ is set up in a rundown warehouse.

Finding FaustEdit

After Ghost and Chainer finish setting up the HQ, a holo of the area is created. It shows the two locatinos of Faust, and after a breif exchange, Ghost and Chainer set out, only to be greeted by two Militia members. One stands around and begins to smoke while the other approaches the HQ. Ghost kills him and Chainer headshots the other. Ghost and Chainer then begin heading toward the first safehouse, to find that Faust is nowhere to be seen.

The Second SafehouseEdit

Chainer and Ghost quickly set off to the second safehouse, finally finding Faust. Chainer shoots him in the legs, and Ghost moves in and begins tying him up. Ghost asks for Chainer's assistance and he shoots Faust's arms, misinterpreting Ghost's orders. Chainer then begins searching the safehouse for possible clues to Rojas's whereabouts. Ghost just began to interrogate Faust when Chainer found Faust's laptop. On the laptop an e-mail about "special weapons" indicated Rojas's hideout was in a favela outside of Rio de Janero. Chainer promptly shot Faust and told Ghost they needed to escape.

Escape from the TownEdit

Ghost and Chainer made their way back to the HQ, when Ghost took a hit to the knee from a shot fired by knifed millitia man. Chainer quickly dispatches the militia member and begins administering first aid - mainly by cutting part of his arm open and transferring the blood to Ghost's wound. As Ghost begins calling Command to send a chopper, Command again tells him that the skies are full of fighters (of which there were none) and that a helicopter can't be sent. Ghost vents his frustration out and Chainer quickly calls for the Echo Corps to drop by with a LAAT/i gunship. A chopper does arrive from Command, but it is shot down by a missile. After a short wait, the LAAT/i arrives and Ghost and Chainer are reunited with the rest of the 589.


Weapon LoadoutsEdit


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