Ace: Alright team, let's get ready.

Boss: Remind me again what our objective is?

Ghost: Xarles is holed up in a castle up there. It's gonna be at least a two mile hike up there.

Chipmunk: What?! Why couldn't we get closer?

Boss: We were supposed to be stealthy.

Chipmunk: Says the man who'll be carrying the BFG.

Ghost: BFG?

Chipmunk: "Big Freaking Gun".

Boss: Actually, I'll be using something different.

Boss pulls out the Shockwave.

Chipmunk: Your new toy?

Boss: Yep.

Ghost: Enough talk. Let's do this.

Boss: It's good to have you back, Ghost.

They move quickly down the riverbank when Boss is hit by a sniper.

Ghost: I've got him!

Ghost takes out the sniper. Ace: Alright, we need to get moving.


Boss: I've got it.

Boss opens fire with the Shockwave, taking out the enemy squad in the guardhouse.

Boss: You know, I'm really liking this new Shockwave the Alvonians sent us. It's very effective.