Jeremy "Prophet" Bentham
Biographical information
BirthplaceBrisbane, Australia
Birth dateJune 15th, 1990
Death dateAlive
Physical description
Weight180 pounds
Hair colorBlack
Eye colorGreen
Affiliation and military information
AffiliationTask Force 589, Royal Navy, Australian Army
RankCorporal (Australian Army), Seaman (Royal Navy)
SpecialtyPrecision Elimination
BattlesSee missions

Jeremy "Prophet" Bentham is a character seen in the 589 series. He is a sniper hailing from Australia.


Hailing from Brisbane, Australia, Jeremy at a young age was fascinated with sniping. He learned from his parents that his great-grandfather served as a sniper during WW2, in addition to being a pilot. Although rather intelligent, Jeremy failed most of his schoolwork, electing to go to the Outback and see how long he could survive with nothing but a rifle and his wits. Disillusioned with Australia to an extent, he immigrated to England and joined the Royal Navy, serving for only a year before leaving and returning to serve in the Australian Army, again for only a year before leaving and beginning his "private" work. When his parents learned of this, his father disowned him. Prophet seems unaffected by this.

Pharaoh apparently has intelligence about Prophet that could put his service in the 589 in jeopardy, but has not chosen to disclose it. What this intel is is known only to Prophet and Pharaoh.


Prophet is cold, unforgiving and an expert shot. He rarely makes jokes and much of his "humor" comes from the death of those he has sniped. Despite this, he gets along with Ghost, Ace, and Scout quite well. He got off to a very bad start with Boss, which has created a gap between the two of them.


  • (to Smith) "How many times have you died? I'm actually getting impressed."
  • "Here's a touchin' story: Once upon a time, you died and I lived happily ever after. The end."
  • "You don't need to brag about yer battles to me, mate. I've killed plenty a proud man."
  • (After deliberately shooting Boss) "Ah my God, you've been shot. Did you get a look at the handsome rogue who did it?" Boss: "Unfortunately for you, I did. Maybe your scope needs adjusting..." (Boss grabs Prophet's custom scope, breaks it over Prophet's head, and knees Prophet in the groin hard enough to lift Prophet a foot off the ground before delivering a right hook into Prophet's jaw.) Boss: "There: Scope adjusted..."
  • (Scout: Woah woah woah!) "What?" (Scout: This guy's dead!) "...And?" (Scout: Don't you think that maybe we should, I dunno, say a few words fer him or something?) "Alright, alright..." *clears throat* "You're dead, that's good, amen."