A Brief BriefingEdit

March 10, 1945

Night in a bar in London





Shadow and Cleaner are seated at a table having a casual drink. While Wolf is at a table in the back getting drunk. The bar is empty except for them. Candles are burning so the light is low. '40s wartime style music playing softly in the background.

Shadow: ....So that's about it. We didn't get very much prep but I think we'll all get promoted if we can pull this off.

Cleaner: And you think we can?

Shadow: Positive.

Cleaner: What about that drunk over there? I don't care how much combat he's been in, he can't do much for us drunk.

Shadow: We've got to tell him what were up against.

Cleaner: I don't think that's a great id-

Shadow: Cleaner! Shadow clenches his fist

Cleaner: Alright, alright. Settle down, I don't know what's gotten into you lately. You've been acting strange...

Shadow glares at Cleaner. Both get up and go over to drunken Wolf.

Shadow: Hi, we're your secret operations group you've been assigned to.

Wolf: Good story, now move out of my way. You're blocking my light so I can't see nothing.

Cleaner: Good God, he's so drunk he forget's where his own mouth is and he's using double negatives? He's a keeper for sure...

Shadow: Alright, look. We're going into a German station to destroy some type of machine they've got their hands on. We've got a map of the area here. So let me show you our route that should keep us undetected-

Wolf: Let me see that. I'll make up my own mind of whether it's a good idea or not...

Cleaner: No, let the man show you first.

Wolf: Wolf Wilson doesn't get told what to do. Now just give me the map and I'll look at it later..

They argue about it until Wolf pulls out a revolver and slams it down on the table. Firing a round into the far wall. The group is utterly suprised and settles down.

Shadow: Okay, how about we discuss this later?

Cleaner: Uhh...I agree...

Shadow gives Wolf money for another drink and they seperate. Shadow and Cleaner walk out together leaving Wolf in the bar.

(End of scene)