Chainer: So, we’ve definitely confirmed someone is dealing under the table at AWS, and not just a little bit. This new Vulcan is proof of that!

Ace: Not to mention what else we found in Rojas’s bunker. Finding Echo-class weapons was certainly a surprise.

Chipmunk: Don’t forget that mysterious Agent Smith. It sounds like he’s been pulling strings inside Command.

Sweetwater: What about those freaky robot dudes? Man, I haven’t seen anything so scary in my entire life! Well, except for maybe Keith in a pink bathrobe and bunny slippers-

Ace/Chainer: SWEETWATER!

Sweetwater: Yes sir. Shutting up now, sir.

Ace: Well, in any case, I’d say it’s time for us to ship out of Eastern Ukraine.

Chainer: No need to pack the new Vulcan. I’m not going.

Ace: What? What are you talking about?

Chainer: I’m staying here with my brothers to help clean up this mess. These missions have left me shaken. We should not have been able to find Echo-class Deecees in there.

Chipmunk: Why’s that? You never did explain that.

Chainer: The Echo Corp’s security is a hundred times better than the Alvonian Security. Someone is obviously breaking into our base and bringing things over that shouldn’t be brought over. Not to mention Agent Smith is a big problem. If left to his own devices, he’ll become a hundred times worse than Zakhaev. And there’s something about those T-4s that I find…well, familiar. They remind me of someone from my past…

Chipmunk: The other clankers?

Chainer: Surprisingly, no. That’s what I’d expect, but it seems to be something deeper… something else.

Ace: Well, whatever it is, we need to get going. Sweetwater, stay here and keep training with Chainer. I’m sure he’d love to have you here.

Chainer: …Yeah, sure I am. (Said under his breath) I’m not going to forget this, Ace. You owe me one.

Sweetwater: Really? That’s great! C’mon CC; let’s go!

Chainer: Sweetwater-

Ace and Chipmunk leave by gunship while Chainer and Sweetwater board an attack shuttle bound for the Defiant.