T-4 Warrior Droid
The T-4 Warrior Droid.
Nickname(s) T-4, Elite Droid, Big Bad Clanker
Rank Private?
Affiliations Ultranationalists
Birth unknown
Weapon Eva gun, Z-6 Rotary Cannon, Rocket launcher, any weapons at its disposal.


The T-4 Warrior Droid is a droid possibly seen in Operation Takedown. It is known to hate humans and want to "terminate" them.


Nearly two meters tall, the T-4 Warrior Droid was built on a reinforced humanoid-type skeleton and protected with layered, self-healing black-gray laminanium armor. The exact reason for it's creation is unknown, but it appears to have been made for the purpose of eliminating the 589 and thwarting it's operations.


The T-4 Warrior Droid appears in Operation Takedown and Operation Danger Close. The one seen in Danger Close is Tanya's personal T-4.


Many T-4s believe themselves to be of a higher standard than humans, and tend to let the 589 know of this fact.



  • "We are machines! We are greater than any human could be!"
  • "I'll be back."
  • "You've been terminated."