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Welcome to the 589. Best handpicked group of warriors on the planet.



Everything you're seeing on this site is FICTION. It is not representative of the current world and most likely never will be. If there is any confusion on a subject, please contact an admin.

Task Force 589

The 589 is a group of handpicked warriors from nations all around the world, chosen to take part in covert operations against the Saudi Arabian/Iraq Opfor and Russian/Bulgarian Ultranationalists. This Wiki is dedicated to a specific squadron of soldiers by the codenames Ghost, Ace, Boss and Chipmunk. They're assisted occasionally by Sweetwater, Chainer and the Echo Corps. That's all we can say here; the rest is classified. But if you have the security clearence (which we're sure you do) then you can explore our archives and find out everything you want to know about the Task Force 589.

Wondering where to start?

Try reading the page on Operation Cold Shoulder, the first mission the 589 carried out. The database will automatically link you to the next mission, so you won't get lost.

Want to know what we use? Head to the Alvonian Weapons Systems page, and check the backstory on Alvonia while you're at it.

Want to meet our soldiers? Try checking on Ace, Boss or Ghost. Most of their dossiers link to other soldiers who serve in the 589.

Need help? Head to one of the admins, Alex Martin Rider (founder), Cpl. Wilding or General Quilix. Also, check our Manual of Style before editing to make sure you're up-to-date on our policies, general rules and guidlines.

Check the Forum to catch up on the latest news, policy changes and to discuss just about anything else.