"I-I'm not feeling so-"
Tyler being attacked by the Ghost unknowingly.

41px|left - Ghost sounds

The Ghost is an infected seen in Zombies. It is the rarest of all of the special infected. Individuals who died while being infected lost all facial features and heads shrunk to be hidden by a dark cloak as well as becoming intangible. When they spot a target, they drop the cloak and lunge for the survivor becoming an an invisible gas that enters through the nose. It then takes control of it's victim. It makes them, immune or not, act like a common infected. They cannot spread the infection to others but they can attack other survivors. It can be countered by literally knocking the Ghost out of them. Once out of the body, it turns solid once again and can be shot and killed.

Extent of MutationsEdit

A telling sign of the Ghost's presence is that the temperature will drop. Windows will frost over no matter the regular climate. If the sky is clear, it will turn dark and cloudy. Water will freeze, only to become unfrozen when it is defeated. They have no facial features and wears a dark cloak when not attacking. It cannot be seen until extracted from a victim. It appears dark and skinny. It's head is small but has broad shoulders that make it appear rather imposing under it's cloak. All of it's other features are very skinny and bony. It's fingers appear very long, yet skinny like the rest of it's body.