The Ultranationalist coat of arms

The Ultranationalists are an enemy commonly faced by the Task Force 589. Their first appearence was in Operation Cold Shoulder and they serve as the primary antagonists for the Task Force 589.


Created as direct opponents to the Loyalists during the Russian Civil War, the Ultranationalists were led by Imran Zakheav and his son, Victor Zakhaev. Their goal in the civil war was to bring back what thy called the "old Russia"; namely the USSR. Heavily armed and with superior numbers, they quickly overwhelmed the Loyalists and met their goal. The Russian Federation fell and was replaced by the United Soviet Socialists Republics.


The Ultranationalist flag


There are more than one leaders of the Ultranationalists. These leaders include Imran Zakhaev, Victor Zakhaev, and Vladimir Makarov. Vladimir Makarov was killed in Operation Cold Shoulder. The 589 searched for Imran and Victor Zakhaev in Operations Ultimatum and Airwolf, respectively. Both were killed in their searches as Agent Smith replaced them as the Ultranationalist leader.


Most of the Ultranationalist soldiers use either an AK-47, AK-74u, RPG-7, or a FAMAS.